[Thèse] Unraveling the subduction earthquake cycle through analogue modeling and the analysis of natural data

uniroma3geosciences montpellier

The aim of this Ph.D. project is to constrain the role on the subduction earthquakes cycle of a) the rheology of the subduction plane, the underlying mantle and the converging plates b) the physical and frictional properties of the plate interface. For this purpose, we propose to adopt a multidisciplinary and multiscale approach which combines analogue modeling and the statistical analysis of natural data. The working plan envisages (1) the formulation of a
conceptual model for the earthquake cycle, based on statistical analysis of natural data from convergent margins; and (2) the validation of the model by means of scaled 3D laboratory models using a broad range of contact materials with different rheologies (gels, foams, new analogue material to be calibrated in the frame of the project) and geometries.

For additional information please mail to francesca.funiciello@uniroma3.it and/or check this document.


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