Post-doctoral fellowship – TS2P (Transform Source-to-Sink Project)

Post-doctoral fellowship – TS2P (Transform Source-to-Sink Project)
Weathering, erosion and sedimentary evolution of the West African transform margin during the Cenozoic

Project description
The aim of the TS2P project is to identify and to quantify the factors influencing the erosion and transport processes on a continent and its margins, as well as to evaluate their impact on relief evolution and sedimentary patterns. The case study is the passive-transform margin of the Gulf of Guinea.
Within this framework, the aim of the post-doctoral project is to link the Cenozoic weathering and erosion history of the West African craton and the associated terrigeneous /chemical budget to the sedimentary record of its bounding continental margins. The offshore sedimentary record will be analyzed from subsurface data (seismic reflection and well-log data) to determine the detailed 3D stratigraphic architecture of the Cenozoic sedimentary wedge. The drainage area evolution will be characterized by integrating the geometry of relict weathering/erosion surfaces. The nature and magnitude of clastic sedimentary export will be estimated considering the climatic evolution (favoring either chemical weathering or mechanical erosion) as well as the watersheds evolution (size and outlet location). These exported volumes and predicted sediment types will be confronted to the offshore sedimentary accumulation histories. These results will then be incorporated into a simulation of the impact of sediment transfers on vertical movements of the margin driven by flexural and thermal isostasy.

Host laboratory and collaborations: The project will be hosted by the GET (Géosciences Environnement Toulouse) in Toulouse in collaboration Basin Geology Group of the University of Rennes and will include extended periods at the TOTAL research center in Pau, SW France (2 hours drive from Toulouse).

Eligibility: We seek candidates with a Ph D in Geology with a strong background in basin analysis and seismic interpretation. He/She should have a broad geological knowledge and be willing to extent his/her research interest to large-scale source-to-sink analysis.
Funding: The project is funded by TOTAL and the contract will be managed by the French CNRS.
Timing: The 18 month contract will start at the beginning of 2014.
Contacts :
– Dominique CHARDON; Tel : 05 61 33 25 70 ; e-mail :
– Delphine ROUBY: Tel : 05 61 33 26 23 ; e-mail :


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