Postdoctoral opportunities in applied geochemistry research (Canada)

2-3 postdoctoral fellows are seeking to join a dynamic and rapidly growing network of leading scientists, industry partners and state-of-the-art analytical laboratories across Canada. The Multidisciplinary Applied Geochemistry Network (MAGNET) is an NSERC-funded industrial stream Collaborative Research and Training Experience (CREATE) program devoted to analytical, environmental and exploration geochemistry.

Current postdoctoral research has opening in the following areas:
– Isotopic insights into modern and paleo- sea ice dynamics in the Arctic Ocean and subarctic seas
– Using Si isotopes to better constrain the silica cycle in the modern and past oceans
– Understanding soil formation, soil processing and the mobility of pollutants in soils using new stable isotope systems
– Fluid alteration of ultramafic deposits – an investigation of fluids, minerals and gases during serpentinization

Qualified candidates must have a recent PhD (within the last five years) in the Earth/ocean/environmental sciences, chemistry, or a related field and should have a strong background in isotope geochemistry and mass spectrometric techniques, together with a solid publication record. Postdoctoral fellows will be expected to work closely with MAGNET faculty and industry partners, and provide mentorship to undergraduate, MSc and PhD trainees.

Applicants are encouraged to develop and explore their own research interests within one of the above areas. Please consult the MAGNET website ( for further details about each topic. It is strongly recommended to contact the supervisor(s) to discuss the essence of the project before submitting a formal application.

Complete applications will consist of a CV (including list of publications), three reference letters, and a letter of interest detailing why you want to join MAGNET, your suitability for the position, and your research plan. Inquiries and applications should be sent to the MAGNET Program Coordinator Diane Hanano ( by February 28, 2013.

Successful candidates will be offered a one-year appointment starting September 1st 2013 or earlier, with potential renewal for a second year. MAGNET offers competitive salary and travel stipends.

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