Assistant Professor in nanoSIMS analysis

Utrecht University’s Faculty of Geosciences offers education and research concerning the geosphere, biosphere, atmosphere and anthroposphere. With a population of 2,200 students (BSc and MSc) and 575 staffs, the faculty is a  strong and challenging organisation. The faculty is organised in four  departments: Earth Sciences, Physical Geography, Innovation, Environmental &  Energy Sciences, and Human Geography & Urban & Regional Planning.

The Department of Earth Sciences conducts teaching and research across the  full range of the solid Earth and environmental Earth sciences, with activities in  almost all areas of geology, geochemistry, geophysics, biogeology and  hydrogeology. The department hosts an international tenured staff of over 40  scientists and more than 100 PhD students and postdoctoral researchers. The  research programs in Earth Sciences contribute strongly to Utrecht University’s  sustainability focus areas of Water & Climate, Energy & Resources, and Smart  Materials. The department has excellent analytical and microscopic facilities,  including wellequipped stable isotope and organic geochemical laboratories. The microanalytical facilities include a microXRF, a laserablation ICPMS, an analytical transmission electron microscope, a focused ion beamscanning electron microscope, a scanning electron microscope with cathodoluminscence  and EBSD, an electron microprobe and a CAMECA nanoSIMS 50L.

The Departement of Earth Sciences is currently looking for an:

AssistantProfessor in nanoSIMS analysis
We are seeking a highly motivated scientist for daytoday operation of our nanoSIMS 50L instrument (installation summer 2012). This involves interactions  with academic users and technical support staff to optimally develop research  protocols required for different research projects.

The highpotential candidate will apply and develop nanoSIMS methods for precise and accurate in situ elemental and isotopic measurements of complex  materials, will provide training to PhD students and will develop sample  preparation techniques. The successful candidate is expected to develop  her/his own research in the general fields of biogeosciences, paleoenvironmental and climate studies, or isotope geochemistry, and to conduct research with a variety of research groups in and outside the department. She/he is expected to contribute to BSc and MSc courses in the Utrecht Earth Sciences program. She/he has obtained the Basic Teaching Qualification (from Utrecht or equal) or is prepared to achieve it.

For additional information, see here


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