Advertisement – 2-year postdoctoral position at the Department of Earth Sciences, University College London

In 2011, Paul Upchurch and Anjali Goswami were awarded a Leverhulme Trust Research Grant to support a 3-year project entitled ‘Testing the Relationships between Latitude and Biodiversity in the Cretaceous’. The current postdoctoral research assistant will be leaving this post after one year, creating an opportunity for a new PDRA to join the project for the final two years. The funds include the salary for a postdoctoral research assistant, as well as funds for travel to attend conferences and examine museum collections. The aim of the project is to gather and collate data on Cretaceous terrestrial and freshwater vertebrates, working within The Paleobiology Database. These data will then be used to reconstruct the latitudinal distributions of Cretaceous vertebrates and test hypotheses relating to the impact of climate, land area, etc. on latitudinal distributions and gradients. Further details of the project can be obtained from Paul Upchurch and Anjali Goswami (see contact details below).

Required and desirable qualifications
Applicants must have a PhD (or equivalent qualification) in vertebrate palaeontology. Experience with Cretaceous vertebrate fossils would be an advantage, especially if this relates to non-dinosaurian and non-mammalian taxa (although dinosaur and mammal specialists should not be deterred from applying). Familiarity with databasing and methods used to address issues such as sampling biases (e.g. subsampling approaches) and other statistical techniques would be an advantage, but training can be provided during the course of the project.

Start date and Salary
Ideally we would like the new PDRA to start work on 15th August 2012, but the start date can be flexible and could potentially be moved to later in 2012. Applicants are asked to indicate the earliest date on which they could commence work on the project.  The salary for this position is approximately £35,000 per annum.

Application procedure
Candidates should submit:
i. A cover letter (no more than one page of A4) briefly summarising their background and why they feel they are suited to the post of postdoctoral research assistant.
ii. A C.V. (résumé) summarising qualifications, previous work experience and a publications list.
iii. The names and email addresses of two academic referees.

These documents should be emailed to both Paul Upchurch and Anjali Goswami at:

Applications should be received by 5pm (UK time) on 15th July, 2012


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