appel à candidature pour les expéditions « Canterbury Basin » et « Wilkes Land »

Ci-dessous l’appel à candidatures pour participer aux expéditions 
« Canterbury Basin » (Nov. 17, 2008—Jan. 17, 2009 et « Wilkes 
Land » (Jan. 17—March 22, 2009).
Date limite : 30 Novembre 2007
Pour candidater :

IODP Program Member Offices (PMOs) are calling for science party 
applicants for two USIO expeditions: the Canterbury Basin Sea Level 
and the Wilkes Land Paleoceanography Expeditions. Scheduled for mid-
November 2008 to mid-Jan. 2009, the Canterbury Basin Sea Level 
Expedition is based on IODP Proposal 600-Full. It aims to understand 
the relative importance of global sea level (eustasy) versus local 
tectonic and sedimentary processes in controlling continental-margin 
deposits since the Oligocene.

The Wilkes Land Paleoceanography Expedition, scheduled for Jan.-March 
2009 is based on IODP Proposals 482-Full3 and 638-APL2. This 
expedition will investigate the long-term record of Antarctic 
glaciation and its relationship with global sea level, paleoclimate 
and paleoceanographic changes.

Summaries of the planned drilling programs and the current expedition 
schedule are available at Expedition 
schedules are dependent on the completion date of the conversion of 
the drillship JOIDES Resolution and subject to change. Prospective 
participants should apply to their respective IODP Program Member 
Office ( by Nov. 30, 2007. PMOs 
will forward applications of nominated scientists to the United 
States Implementing Organization (USIO), which is responsible for 
staffing these expeditions. The USIO will work closely with the co-
chief scientists and PMOs to maximize scientific output while 
balancing member country staffing quotas.